What is the Cullinator?

Let’s admit it, as photographers we hate culling, but it is a necessary evil.  We get all creative with our shots, we keep taking the photo ’til we get it right, we try new techniques and because it is a digital image, the only limitation is the amount of space we have left on our memory cards.  We leave the shoot feeling like a true artist and then comes the inevitable…  We sit down and have to sift through all the photos we took.  Let’s take a wedding for example… together with your second shooter you can easily shoot more than 4,000 photos during the day.  You get home, upload your cards, and go through each photo one by one.  How long does that take you?  2-3 hours if you have your workflow down,  if you’re a noob maybe up to 8 hours,  right?  And you are in the same position for those hours, sitting in your chair, pressing the same 2 or 3 buttons for HOURS!!  30 minutes in and your back starts to hurt, your mind starts to wander, you start to not care anymore, you.just.want.to.FINISH!!!

Enter the CULLINATOR!  Using our custom software and joystick you can sit back, relax and cull your photos in your most comfortable and relaxing position.  Most importantly, you can concentrate on selecting the photos your clients will see.  Our software works with all culling programs and we even have presets for  PhotoMechanic and Lightroom.  If you don’t like our presets you can customize your own.  Say “NO” to sitting in the same position for hours and hours and say “YES” to the Cullinator!! DOOOOOOOOOOO  IT!!!!

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frequently asked questions

Can I modify the default/built-in configurations?

Yes. Please feel free to modify the keys to your liking.

Does this work with apps other than PhotoMechanic and Lightroom?

Yes. It will even work with Nintendo Emulators.

Can I use my own USB Game controller?

Not without an “Unlock” code.

Can I purchase an unlock code?

No. Unlock codes are not for sale.

Does it work with Lightroom’s Develop Module.

While you can make some keys to work, it is not intended for that.

Can I create my own custom configuration?

Yes, by all means, go crazy!

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